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            Xiangtan Gaoxinqu Linsheng Chemical Co., Ltd.
            Contact us
            Add:Xiangtan City,Hunan Province,zhubugang
            Tel:+86-731-53584750 / 53584232
            About us

             Xiangtan Gaoxinqu Linsheng Chemical Co., Ltd. is engaged in fine chemicals R & D, production and sales of professional manufacturers. The company is located in Xiangtan High-tech Zone Industrial Park, located in the Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway and Rui high-speed interchange, traffic is very convenient.
            The Company is committed to high-tech green chemical product research, production and sales. The main products are organic chemical intermediates, pharmaceutical intermediates and surfactants, reliable product quality, praised by our customers.
            In addition to give full play to the wisdom of the existing professional and technical personnel in order to improve existing product quality, develop more products, and to seek a breakthrough in contract custom, but also with numerous tertiary and research institutions to establish a stable relations of cooperation.
            Looking ahead, we will be the principle of "honest, innovative, and trustworthy", "each customer" is the company's long-term persistence and commitment.
            Xiangtan Gaoxinqu Linsheng Chemical Co., Ltd. sincerely look forward to working with you!

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