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            Propargyl chloride solution

            Propargyl chloride solution

            Product category: Intermediate/pesticide intermediate



            English name: propargyl chloride solution
            CAS NO: 624-65-7
            Molecular weight: 74.5089 
            EC NO: 210-856-9
            Molecular formula C3H3Cl
            Specification: 99%
            Packing: 180KGDangerous package barrel
            Product introduction: It is used to synthesis electroplate intermdiate, pharmaceutical intermediate and pesticide intermediate. It itself is an excellent metal corrosion inhibitor and antirust additive. It is used as the organic synthesis intermediate.
            Usage: Pharmaceutical/pesticide intermediate. Synthetic electroplate intermediate.
            Alias: Propargylchloride; 3-Chloro-1-propyne; Propargyl chloride; 3-Chloropropyne; 3-Chloroprop-1-yne
            Structural formula 3-氯丙炔 624-65-7

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